Rockser Inc.

As a result of 15 years of detailed and meticulous work, Rockser Inc. is engaged in sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing, service and international foreign trade units were brought together and started operating in 2007 as a young, dynamic and modern company.

Rockser Inc; has a professional staff working together with highly experienced engineers and technicians who have served in underground – overhead hydraulic drillers, Dth drillers, hydraulic breakers, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic, engine, filter and hiking subgroup spare parts and service areas.

Rockser Inc is a company continuously updating itself, following all the innovations and changes in the sector. Finance, sales-marketing, after-sales, international trade and manufacturing departments of our company are developing their activities taking into account all the requirements of the modern world and serving their clients in accordance with these principles.

Our vision as a Rocks Inc., is to reach the position of a ‘leading company’ in which all of our customers’ expectations are met, giving equal service to all our customers at home and abroad with the highest quality. Our goal is to become a company recognized internationally, world-class, followed by contemporary innovations and pioneered by innovations, exemplified by other companies. Rockser Inc. , is based on elements such as  unity and integrity, understanding, excellence, responsibility, creativity, etc. since its foundation. These values guide every business decision taken at our company.

“We Work For You”



Quality and Fast Service with Expert Technical Service Team.