Rockser Machinery Manufacturing Import Export Industry and Trade Inc.
Cop Copter Series – HL Series – HD Series – HC Series – YH Series – JET Series – ED Series – AC , San, Tam., Furukawa, Ingersoll Rand, Montebert-Junjin, Everdigm, Soosan, Mine Master ST Series drifers and A.C DTH D65-D60-D55-D50 machines produced by COP 44, COP 54GE, COP 64 Gold and DHR series rotation groups;Also, AC, Rammer, Furukawa, DNB, Fine, Montebert, Soosan, MTB, MSB, Krupp, Komac, Kwanglim, Topa, Okada, NPK, CAT, Komatsu, Chicago Pneumatic, Toyo, JSB, Dana, Tape, GB General Breaker has aimed to contribute to the national economy by serving the construction, mining and industrial sectors with the parts and equipments produced for hydraulic breakers.With its corporate structure, customer-oriented working strategy, continuity principle and competitive growth potential, Rockser A.?.Based on the understanding of excellence, products that maintain high quality standard line and after-sales service and support keep customer satisfaction in the forefront. Rockser Inc. has chosen itself as a solution partner to provide realistic and fully-needed solutions to its customers. The Company strives to use its resources effectively and efficiently, to fulfill its responsibilities to human, nature, environment and society, to remain committed to social ethical values, to fulfill its social responsibility towards future generations and to maintain its innovative attitude. Providing safe working environment, fair attitude, teamwork, open communication and development opportunities by employing highly qualified human resources dominated by mutual trust and respect, is one of the priority values ??of Rockser A.?.
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