Quality Policy
*Offering products and services that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers,
*Constantly improving and developing our products and services,
*Complying with the requirements of Quality Management System and constantly improving the effectiveness of it,
*Promoting our employees’ knowledge and skills,Establishing systems in which our stakeholders can present their opinions and *suggestions for continuous improvement and participation,
*Collaborating with our suppliers, distributors and dealers in a win-win situation,
*Creating added value for the communities in which we work.
Occupational Health and Safety Policy
*Complying with occupational health and safety legislation and other relevant requirements in all the territories in which we *operate,
*Constantly raising our occupational health and safety performance,
*Providing an ergonomic, healthy and safe working environment to reduce risks related to occupational health and safety and to *prevent injuries and health problems,
*Creating and promoting a culture of occupational health and safety.
Environmental Policy
*Complying with existing environmental legal regulations and other requirements,
*Constantly excelling our environmental management performance,
*Being environmentally-sensitive when consuming natural resources,
*Reducing the amount of waste materials arising from our work activities, products and services and preventing environmental *pollution.
*Creating and promoting a culture of environment.
Information Security Policy
*Protecting confidentiality, integrity and availability aspects of information and information processing facilities,
*Compliance with law, regulation, agreement conditions,
*Managing the risk to sustainability of IT services,
*Having capabilities of quick response to information security incidents and reducing strength of the incidents,
*Increasing the information security awareness of employees in order to reducing the risks to minimum,
*Ensuring outsourced service providers to fulfill information security systems requirements,
*Protecting the corporate reputation from negative effects based on information security,
*Top management ensures providing necessary resources and cooperation in order to achieve continual improvement.
Rockser Inc.
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