In Our Filter Production Workshop;
All type of sand, separator, pressure and hydraulic filters for AC, Epc, San, and Tam, Furukawa, ?ngersoll Rand, Montebert-Junjin, Everdigm, Soosan, Mine Master brand surface and underground driller’s productions are done. In addition to this, we are exporting engine-compressor air, fuel, hydraulic return filters and oil filters as Donaldson, Fleetguard, Man and Fil Filter.Rockser filter manufactures hydraulic filters, high pressure filters, dust filters, separator filters, motor and compressor air inner and outer filters, return filters, air conditioning and ventilation filters as well as sales of brands such as Cat, Donaldson, Fleedguard, Fil, Man . The filter production process is carried out by taking into consideration the filtration paper, surface area, permeability and pressure criteria.We also have production in our design filters with special working conditions besides the drill machines. Our aim in manufacturing is to provide the best service to our customers with  reliable, durable and reasonably priced  products
Rockser Inc
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