Rockser Electrical Maintenance Service
Who is Rockser Electrical Technician?
Electricity technicians, AC, San, Tam, Furukawa, Ingersoll Rand, Junjin, Everdigm, Soosan, Mine Master Above and Underwater Drills are responsible for fault detection of electrical systems and electrical equipment and for the control, maintenance or repair of electrical equipment. The drill performs the installation of electrical equipment and drilling electrical equipment.
Rockser Electrical Technician’s Task Definition What Does It Cover?
The other professional obligations of the Rockser electrician, who are responsible for the regular operation of the electrical and mechanical technical fields, are as follows;
• Proper reading, interpreting and correcting technical plans and diagrams
• Plan or prepare appropriate repair using the Drilling Technical Plan, draft and drawings,
• Drilling Electrical equipment to prepare according to standards and make the drill ready,
• Complete wiring, control and lighting systems to see if they are working properly.
• Identify and solve electrical problems with various test equipment,
• To check the compliance of the installation and electrical installation procedures with the technical documents of the machine.
• Controlling the operation of equipment such as electric relay timer plc,
• To check whether there is any mechanical failure of the drill panel
• To ensure the elimination of electrical circuit and motor malfunctions of mechanical systems with related equipment,
• Detecting electromechanical failures or faults,
• Accurate and complete maintenance of all preventive maintenance
• ensure completion,
• Report maintenance, malfunctions and improvement suggestions to the relevant administrator or department,
• To operate in accordance with the relevant legislation on Occupational Health and Safety Management..
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