Electronic Maintenance Service

Who is Rockser Electronic Technician?
Rockser Electronics technician is responsible for detecting and helping repair the malfunctions in the electronic equipment of the Hydraulic Drill. Works with other technical personnel.
What are the Responsibilities of the Rockser Electronics Technician?
• Testing electronic units using standard test equipment,
• Perform data analysis to determine the need for adjustment,
• To read wiring diagrams, schematic drawings or engineering instructions to install electronic equipment,
• Perform equipment or system calibration,
• To make fault detection on electronic equipment,
• Repairing defective electronic components using hand tools or soldering,
• Collecting transaction data to be used in product and process validation or manufacturing processes,
• Assisting engineers in analyzing test or process data,
• To assist in the development and documentation of engineering procedures,
• Identify cost-effective methods to repair and upgrade electronic equipment,
• Contact producers or field representatives to provide spare parts,
• To fulfill the tasks assigned to it by engineers or management,
• To comply with the principles of occupational health and safety,
• Participate in trainings to maintain professional development
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