Rockser Hydroulic-Pneumatic Maintenance Service
AC, San, Tam, Furukawa, Ingersoll Rand, Junjin, Everdigm, Soosan, Mine Master. Thanks to these circuits, the production has increased and the machine has been able to maneuver in narrower places. It is provided with pumps and elements that can meet the high pressure and flow rates required for these works. To reduce the effect of this high pressure on the elements, it is necessary to implement an excellent and appropriate maintenance program. Appropriate use of oil is the first rule of preventive maintenance. The fact that the system is clean does not breathe and that the oil level is always at the appropriate level is the basis for extending the pump life. Inadequate maintenance results in unexpected faults in the pump valves and cylinders. Before removing a defective pump and replacing it with a new one, it must be found the cause of the fault and the new pump must be installed in the system. Otherwise the life of the newly installed pump is too short. Replacing the defective part in the hydraulic system will never solve the problem. If the fault is fully identified and the problem that caused the fault is resolved, a second event is prevented. Otherwise, it would be worth the effort and expense. Sometimes the fault can be caused by one reason. Sometimes it’s a combination of several events. In order to be able to decide this, it is necessary to examine the faulty parts very well.
 When diagnosing a pump fault, consider the following:
   1. Inspect each of the pump elements separately.
   2. Examine the type and condition of the oil used in the system. Check the filter.
   3. Identify the operating conditions and any signs of malfunction.
   4. Refer to the status of other components in the hydraulic system.
   5. Check the application conditions.
   6. Refer to the pump operating hours. (Daily working time and lifetime)
   7. Review previous repairs and repairs to the hydraulic system.
Measures to avoid re-occurrence of faults:
Life is a very important scale when the pump fails. If the life of the pump used after the second change is short, the fault diagnosis is incorrect and no real cause has been found.
In this case, a much more detailed investigation is required. Identify the malfunction fully using the necessary technical documentation.
Fault Reasons Of Hydraulic Pumps
Causes of failure of the pallet pumps:
    * The oil is dirty (Overcoating problem).
    * Excavations caused by metallic parts.
    * Malfunctions caused by bleeding and cavitation.
    * Insufficient lubrication.
    * Rotor friction.
    * Trapping of the fins.
    * Shuffling of metal parts.
    * Repair error.
Rockser Technician Diagnosis and Repair of Hydraulic Systems
* Controls the pollution value of the fluid by means of the measuring device.
* According to the measured value of the filter out of the filter according to the technological rules.
* Cleans the filter housing by removing the elements connected with the filter.
* Replaces the new filter and other elements according to the rules.
* Determines the defective hoses and pipes by checking breakage and tension in hoses and pipes.
* Hose and pipe connection fittings, fittings or flanges are removed with the appropriate method.
* Mounts the hose or pipe according to the catalog values ??or circuit project to the system.
* Measures the pressure of the system pressure and valves with a manometer.
* Sets the valves that require adjustment with the original adjustment kit.
* Determines the valve which needs to be changed from the catalog and informs its supervisor.
* Valve changes according to the system rules.
* Makes the pressure and speed controls of hydraulic cylinders / motors.
* The cylinder controls the piston rods, body, piston / motor inlet and outlet ways.
* Determines the parts to be changed from the catalog and informs the supervisor.
* Replaces the defective parts and assembles according to the technological rules of the cylinder / motor.
* Sets the speed of the work elements from the flow control valve to the project / catalog value.
* Finds the hydraulic system malfunctions and bases its results on the cause-effect relationship.
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