Rockser Mechanical Maintenance Service
AC, San, Tam, Furukawa, Ingersoll Rand, Junjin, Everdigm, Soosan, Mine Master Above Ground and Underground borers have become the indispensable and indispensable equipments of our companies. Although the importance of drilling is not understood by some firms, it is the lifeline of today’s mining sector. However, for those companies that have a drill today and are able to use them easily, drills which are not used or used effectively are often very challenging and have a reduced quality of work. In this case, by entering into a simple way we use and the drill in which we actually use a large and complex system, we need to know that the process continues. Unfortunately, the mechanics of the drillers, which are usually used with simple control equipment on our construction sites, often come back to us with the features described by the mechanic who make the repairs in the event of any failure and many other terms that we cannot understand.Not only the motor part, but also jaws, pistons, robots, gaiters, hydromotors, etc., so that our drillers can operate and function properly. There are many mechanical processes. The fact that most of them are connected to each other is also necessary to ensure that the drill is fully functioning as a whole, and therefore immediately intervene in the face of any problem that may be of utmost attention to the slightest part of it. Since the basic skeleton that allows the drill to move is also part of this mechanical system, the functions inside this system are often referred to as the drill.If we look at the sub-categories of the mechanical system of the hydraulic drills, which we have emphasized, we will see a very busy list and many other operations. In general, regardless of a certain number of mechanical parts and processes to count the following: Plate Exchange, Robot parts correction and welding, various bolt removal, piston maintenance repair and replacement, boom and gun plate change, jaw, pin, etc. we can give many examples such as repair and replacement of parts, charging engine and starter motor, maintenance repair on the penetrator, processes related to the side parts of the motor, rot operations, oil filters, pump and filter maintenance
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